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“This record is about finding yourself, being optimistic, and choosing to take chances,” declares singer-songwriter Amy Lennard. Her aptly named sophomore album, If You Say Yes, out spring 2013 on Rock Ridge Music, is the New York City-based artist’s most spiritually centered release. Read more...

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  • With age comes the wisdom: enjoy your life! Goes by in a blink of an eye.
  • Autumn in NYC

  • Posted a new song: "At Least Try"

    amy lennard | At Least Try

    Alternative | New York
  • New tunes coming soon!

  • Hi all! I do miss you. Becoming a mother I am the same person yet not the same!' I'm sure you know what I mean. A new record is coming out. It is a sweet and happy record titled 'No Doubt' and I hope you enjoy it!! Much love and a thousand blessings!!
  • Let love shine through our eyes for all the people to see, let love shine go ahead love some body, let it shine, so all the children in the world can be free. New record,January, 2015

  • Well Bella just turned 1!! Wow what an amazing year!! On the music side I have written 4 new songs and plan to release 5 song Ep this Autumn. I'd also like to cover Landslide. The theme of this record is the power of love. I believe the title will be 'Carry The Torch'. Stay tuned and have a great rest of the summer! xo

  • Let's give ourselves permission to love ourselves completely and unconditionally.. It's really the only way we can put our best forward.
  • Happy first day of summer everyone. Much love and peace to you all. May this summer bring much joy, abundance and good times. Thank you for all of your support. I look forward to sharing new music with you real soon!!

  • Happy, pics, website coming soon..

  • Our love is a bridge that connects us and helps us to know our true selves and to travel to places we could not find alone.
  • replace complaints with gratitude; see that change is possible.
  • It does take a village! I'm so grateful to all the people that help me take care of Bella and the unique gifts they bring to her. It's amazing!
  • It is important to understand that life is fleeting and to let go and love in every moment.
  • Lets go out into the sun sail upon the sea remember who we are live our dreams lets go out into the sun sail upon the sea remember who we are remember we are free and when the waves get high and we find ourselves in places few people ever find take the helm and know we're living life..lets go out into the sun
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“The evocative performance stays with you… a budding Americana sweetheart?” – Teenage Kicks

“Lennard nails the essence of everyday emotions – the inner conflicts, the flashes of joy and sorrow and regret and desire, the fundamental uncertainty of anything in life but the moment you’re inhabiting. It’s real life, set to music and rendered in Lennard’s rich, versatile voice.” – The Daily Vault

“Lennard is without a doubt in the league of some of the best song writers and story tellers of our time… expect to hear some very real, perceptive, strong and vulnerable lyrics.” -

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