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“This record is about finding yourself, being optimistic, and choosing to take chances,” declares singer-songwriter Amy Lennard. Her aptly named sophomore album, If You Say Yes, out spring 2013 on Rock Ridge Music, is the New York City-based artist’s most spiritually centered release. Read more...

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  • What ever it takes you have to stay true to yourself. People confuse this with being selfish but it is not. It is respect. What do you think? Any comments?

  • New tunes coming for the holidays. Will be posting shortly.

  • TBT- Hippie days

  • Almost 2015..any thoughts, ideas, resolutions?! Beyond music I have another dream of opening a coffee shop in Manhattan near where I live. Other than that just giving thanks for the sweetness of life.
  • Whatever we've done and whatever's been done in the past we deserve to be happy now--so set your mind to be positive --and own it! Life goes on. Bless and be blessed.

  • Fight the good fight-- fight for love.

  • The holidays are approaching bringing lots of celebration and a dash of reflection. Let's count our blessings.

  • Happy Thanksgiving all!!

  • Today there was a lot of confused communication and I missed some people--it was very frustrating and led me to sit down with my guitar to release some of the tension and a song was born. I really love the melody. If my day went perfectly I doubt a song would have come through. And that is the awesome thing about the creative life!!
  • With age comes the wisdom: enjoy your life! Goes by in a blink of an eye.
  • Autumn in NYC

  • Posted a new song: "At Least Try"

    amy lennard | At Least Try

    Alternative | New York
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“The evocative performance stays with you… a budding Americana sweetheart?” – Teenage Kicks

“Lennard nails the essence of everyday emotions – the inner conflicts, the flashes of joy and sorrow and regret and desire, the fundamental uncertainty of anything in life but the moment you’re inhabiting. It’s real life, set to music and rendered in Lennard’s rich, versatile voice.” – The Daily Vault

“Lennard is without a doubt in the league of some of the best song writers and story tellers of our time… expect to hear some very real, perceptive, strong and vulnerable lyrics.” -

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